Ski Report 12/17/2022

UPDATE: In addition to the earlier mentioned trails, we groomed and opened Spring Hill and the Upper Portion of Dickey Loop.

Good Morning! It is 6am. We have a settled base of 28 inches. We received 4 inches of feathery light snow in the last 24 hours. It is currently 19 degrees and snowing gently. The forecast is for a high of 19 degrees with a wind chill value as low as -3. Bring plenty of layers with you on the trails today!

We plan to have 16 km of trails freshly groomed for your enjoyment today. We have 21 km of trail open for use.

Today’s grooming plan: Starlight, Essex Road, Pileated, Towering Pines, Essex Creek and Highline. Dickey Road ended up getting groomed yesterday to the Dickey Lake trailhead. The groomer plans to have a look at and track pack some of the closed trails today to assess their progress.

Essex Road was beautiful last evening with a few inches of the lightest snow ever covering a smooth groomer!