Ski Report 12/23/2022


It has been determined that it is too cold for our groomers to be safe out there. It has warmed up to negative 17, so not much warmer. We were able to groom Starlight and Spring Hill. Fingers crossed that the forecast for tomorrow is accurate and we will get well above zero!

Good Morning!

It is 6:30am and negative 21 degrees. We are forecasted for a high of 3 degrees, however the wind is still a factor with a wind chill value as low as negative 25. There is a 90% chance of snow with 1-3 inches possible.

We are resuming grooming this morning.  We hope to get about 16km groomed but with the large amounts of snow we got this week and extremely cold temperatures, we will have to see what the groomers can get through. I will update this post as I hear from the groomer. He is heading out a little later than usual hoping for it to warm up a bit.

Be safe, cover your skin, lots of layers and come inside to warm up by the fire with a warm beverage!

Yesterdays Bluebird Skies Were Gorgeous!