Ski Report 1/21/2023

7:45am GROOMED: Starlight, Cabin and Caboose Lanes, Spring Hill, Towering Pines, Pileated, Kendi’s Crossing, Highline Down, Essex Creek Down, Essex Road (from Starlight to Kendi’s)

UP NEXT: Lower Dickey and the rest of Essex Road

Howdy! Good Day to you All!

It is 6am. I am happy to report (yes, I am actually happy at 6am), it looks like snow in our future.  The weather guessers are calling for 2-4 inches in Essex tonight, they are 80% sure it is going to happen. Currently, it is 27 degrees and we are forecasted for a partly sunny day.

The trails were excellent yesterday and are coming out great today as well. The groomer is concentrating his efforts on the trails that did not get groomed on 1/20 and the ones that saw heavy ‘traffic’. We will update as the corded velveteen or elephant cord or pin cord or rib velvet or Manchester or kotle or kebrity gets laid. (All of these terms are other names for corduroy according to Wikipedia).

Mid January on Junction Circle, nice kebrity!