Ski Report 2/24/2023

9:30 Update: Grooming is going well! Turning out real nice! It has warmed up to -12 degrees. We are hoping for the sun.

GROOMED: Starlight, Caboose and Cabin Lanes, Spring Hill, Essex Road to Kendi’s, Towering Pines Down (there is a large tree down on the UpSide of loop, we will remove when temps improve), Pileated Down, Highline Down, Essex Creek Up

Planning to do Upper Dickey, River Trail, River Loop and finish Essex Road


Good Morning. Grooming will happen today. The plan is to start a little later than usual due to the extremely cold temps. It is 6am, the thermometer is reading -15 degrees. Not the coldest we have had this winter but very cold nonetheless.  The sun has a good chance of shining on us this afternoon and we are forecast for a high of 10. There is still the pesky wind chill to consider, possible wind chill value of -24. Good layers, face coverings and getting inside to warm up regularly will be very important today.

FUN FACTS: At McMurdo Station in Antarctica it is currently 10 degrees above zero. However, it is -52 at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.  The coldest place in the world right now is Delyankir, Russia. It is currently -56.2. Just a tad colder than the South Pole. If all of this cold weather talk is getting you down, you could travel to Voolsdrif, South Africa. It is a balmy 113 degrees at the moment.