Ski Report 3/1/2023

Good morning and Happy March!

We had a clear, beautiful sunrise and temps are hovering right at 10*. We’ve probably had a good 6″ of fresh snow since Sunday and the little bit we got snowmobile groomed yesterday will have 3″ or so on it.

Standby by for any grooming updates; currently our front desk/snowmobile-groomer-gal is also filling in for the breakfast server and might not get a chance to hit the trails before the sun does!


Our trusty (somewhat), rusty ol’ Yamaha managed to plow enough snow to get a few trails groomed! Skaters beware: perhaps it was the amount of snow, our snow-mobile groomer’s lack of experience, OR her lack of sun glasses on this bright day….but there is some chunder to watch out for!


  • Pileated (double pass)
  • Essex Road Lower (double pass)
  • Essex Road Upper (single pass)
  • Starlight (double pass)
  • Highline UP (single pass)
  • Essex Creek UP (single pass)