Ski Report 3/26/2023

It was a beautiful Cheshire Cat Moon last night. Hard to tell it’s a Waning Crescent Moon in the pic but that’s what it is! It takes 29.53 days for the moon to circle the Earth. We are 23.51 days into this lunar cycle.

Good Morning! We have one week left of the trails being open. It’s always a bittersweet time of year. We are getting excited for spring and new beginnings. There has been an influx of birds and warmer temps, the creeks are flowing with more oooomff. Soon there will be flowers, green grass, swimming, sunshine on more than my face and hands……Sunshine on My Shoulders Makes Me Happy….sing it John…BUT we got an inch of light fluffy snow last night and it is BEAUTIFUL right now! So I am putting my dreams of spring on hold for just a little longer.

At 6am, it is currently 28 degrees and snowing. We are forecast a high of 41 degrees and 60% chance of snow continuing throughout the day.


  • Starlight
  • Caboose and Cabin Lanes
  • Spring Hill
  • Essex Road
  • Towering Pines
  • Highline Up
  • Essex Creek Up

Every trail except Dickey Road above Upper Dickey loop has been groomed in the last 48 hours. Enjoy the smooth corduroy with a pretty skiff of fluff on top!

****Lower Dickey Loop is beginning to deteriorate due to the creek. It is still skiable but pay attention and ski with caution.