Cassie March

Ski Report 2/7/2023

Happy Tuesday!

It’s 34* as of 7:30am in Essex this morning with overcast skies.

No grooming today; we are recovering from a busy weekend and looking forward to another fantastic one ahead! We’ve got snow, sun, and cool-ish overnight temps in the forecast so we are feeling hopeful for some beautiful corduroy in our future!

You can always head up our way for some quality exercise and to see what kind of critters you might spot; the elusive Vulpes Vulpes (red fox) can often be spotted by those with a little luck and a quick eye.

Enjoy your day!





Ski Report 1/24/2023

Good Morning!

NO GROOMING; our machine is still down and out for the time being. We are working hard on getting it troubleshooted and fixed!

We’ve had light, snow-globe-like flurries the last couple of days and cooler temps…the trails are still firm and skiing great with a light dusting of snow on top. More snow forecasted for the weekend.

Happy Tuesday!

Ski Report 1/18/2023

Happy Wednesday Morning everyone!

No grooming today but with some cooler temps (28) and a little snow refresh we’ve got the makings of a beautiful day up here in Essex!

Might be a good day to come look for critter tracks on the trails! You might get lucky; it’s been rumored that a wolverine travels our trails every once in a while…

Ski Report 1/17/23

Good Tuesday Morning!!

  • Bad News: No grooming today! We will likely won’t be grooming until Thursday 1/19.
  • Good News: It DID snow a bit overnight; we are sitting at 32 degrees.
  • Keep doing your best cold and snow dance!