Gumby G

snow report Jan. 17

Good morning skiers !!!!!!!!!!  This will be another good ski day. We have a 46 inch base. It is 26 degrees , clear and calm @ 7 am. We groomed yesterday but not this morning , so hard and fast will be the order of the day.

snow report Jan. 16

Good morning skiers !!!!!!  We have 0 new snow and a 47 inch base.  It is 23 degrees and partly cloudy @ 6 am. The groomer is in Essex Creek complex this morning.

snow report Jan. 15

Good morning skiers !!!!!!!!  Trail conditions are excellent.  The groomers are headed up Dickey road today. Essex Road and Upper Dickey Loop have also been groomed this morning. It is 25 degrees , clear and calm @ 7 am.

snow report Jan. 14

Good morning skiers !!!!!!!!! Fresh grooming today.  The groomers were able to get out because of lower temps (25 degrees @ 5 am).  The Essex Creek complex and River Trail have been groomed this morning.

snow report Jan. 13

Good morning skiers !!!!!!   We have 0 new snow and a 50 inch base.  It is 32 degrees and cloudy @ 6:30 am.  All 30 k remains open and in good condition but ungroomed as of monday.

snow report Jan. 11

Good morning skiers !!!!!!!!!!!      We have a trace on a 52 inch base. It is 27 degrees and cloudy @ 10 am.  No grooming today but trails remain in good shape.

snow report Jan. 10

Good morning skiers !!!!!   It will be another awesome day out on the trails.  We have a 52 inch base , clear skies , and temps in the 20’s. It is 15 degrees @ 6 am. The trail conditions remain in excellent shape .

snow report Jan. 9

Good morning skiers !!!!  Today will be very good skiing !!!!  We have 0 new and a 52 inch base.  It is 24 degrees , clear and calm @ 6:30 am. The groomers are out and laying down some nice corduroy. All our terrain has been groomed yesterday afternoon or this morning so GET ER DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

snow report Jan. 8

Good morning skiers !!  We had excellent conditions yesterday morning until 10 am.  Then we got hit with a Pineapple Express and it sleeted for 5 hrs. It is 27 degrees and snowing @ 6 am. We got another 2 inches overnight , making our settled base 52 inches.