Gumby G

Jake's pet. Primary caretaker of the most important being on Izaak property. Feed regularly for best results.

snow report Feb. 5

Good morning skiers !!!!!!!!!!!  6 new inches on a 50 inch base. It is 31 degrees and Groppelling @6 am. All our terrain was groomed yesterday. This morning we groomed Essex Road , Pileated , Starlight , Highline up and Essex Creek Trail down. GET ER DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

snow report Feb. 4

Good morning skiers !!!!!!  We got an inch yesterday afternoon and another last night bringing our base to 50 inches. It is 20 degrees and snowing lightly @ 6 am.

snow report Feb. 3

Good morning skiers !!!!! Still cold but the grooming has been awesome. We have 1 new inch on a 48 inch packed powder base. It is 7 degrees and snowing lightly @ 6 am. The groomers were out yesterday in the Essex Creek complex and Dickey Loop.

snow report Feb. 2

Good morning skiers !!!!!!!!!  We have fresh grooming and cold temps. It is MINUS 14 degrees with a windchill making it -30.  All our terrain has been groomed this morning and / or yesterday afternoon.

snow report Feb. 1

Good morning skiers !!!!!  We have 2 new inches on a 46 inch packed powder base. It is 10 degrees and cloudy @ 7 am.  All our terrain is well groomed with 5 inches of new snow on top. The groomers will be out soon, I will have an update @ 10 am.

snow report Jan. 31

Good morning skiers !!!!!!!!!!!!   We have 3 new inches on a 43 inch base. It is 32 degrees , cloudy and windy @ 6 am. The Essex Creek complex and River Trail were groomed yesterday. Dickey Loop and Dickey road were groomed the 29 th.

snow report Jan. 29

Good morning skiers !!!!!! We have no new snow and a 44 inch base. It is 5 degrees with clear skies @ 7:30 am. The groomers are out again this morning on Essex Road and Dickey Road , Starlight , and Highline.