Izaak Walton Inn

Amtrak Updates

Amtrak has announced an extension to their service cancellations.

Amtrak will continue to be cancelled every Friday & Saturday until the end of May – this may be extended further. Until then, Amtrak asks all current Friday & Saturday ticket holders to reschedule/rebook their current reservations.

Amtrak Service Reductions

From now until the end of March, Amtrak will be reducing services. This includes the Empire Builder which had regularly stopped at the Essex Train Platform. For those traveling by train, expect regular cancellations and delays and refer to Amtrak for timetable information. Note: the Izaak is not responsible for any cancellations, missed connections, or delays in transportation due to Amtrak’s service changes.

Snow report for Sat. , March 13

Good morning !!! Spring is here ! Our base is 29 inches as we lose about an inch a day with these warm afternoons. All our terrain is groomed with Dickey Road and River Trail being done Yesterday @ 6 pm. It is 24 degrees @ 7 am with temps expected in the 50’s after lunch.