snow report March 27

Good morning skiers !!!!!!!!!!!! This is it – the last day for grooming !! Come on up and get your x country on !!!!!!! We have a 28 inch base , it is 32 degrees and sunny @ 9 am.

snow report March 26

Good morning skiers !!!!!!  We are grooming again this morning so GET ERR DONE!  because this is it. We have 0 new snow and a 30 inch base. It is 27 degrees , clear and calm @ 7 am.

snow report March 25

Good morning skiers !!!!!!!!  The groomers are out in the Essex Creek complex this early morning. We have 0 new snow and a 32 inch base. It is 30 degrees , clear and calm @ 6:30 am.

Amtrak Updates

Amtrak has announced an extension to their service cancellations.

Amtrak will continue to be cancelled every Friday & Saturday until the end of May – this may be extended further. Until then, Amtrak asks all current Friday & Saturday ticket holders to reschedule/rebook their current reservations.

snow report March 24

Good morning skiers !!!!!!!!   We have very warm conditions lately .  It is 39 degrees and cloudy @ 6:30 am. All our terrain remains open but last groomed sunday. We have a 36 inch base.

snow report March 21

Good morning skiers !!!!!  The groomers were out both mornings this last weekend making the trail conditions awesome.  We have no new snow and a 42 inch base. It is 32 degrees and partly cloudy @ 6 am. P-S  Do not forget to take advantage of our 4 fat tire bikes in the mornings when the trails are frozen ( or bring your own – 3 inch wide tires minimum )

snow report March 20

Good morning skiers !!!!!!!!!   Spring is here.  We have a trace of new snow on a 43 inch base. It is 33 degrees and partly cloudy @ 7 am.  The groomers are out again this morning so our trails will stay in very good shape.

snow report March 19

Good morning skiers !!!!!!  The groomers are out today doing the Essex Creek complex including Essex Road and Upper Dickey Loop.  It is 29 degrees with clear skies @ 7:30 am.