Wednesday 3/8/2023

Good Morning!

Its clear, cold and gorgeously bright one here in Essex so far!


  • Upper Essex Road
  • Starlight
  • Boy Scout Crossover/Short Cut
  • Highline (DOWN)
  • Essex Creek Trail (DOWN)

Ski Report 3/5/2023

10:30 – GROOMED: Starlight, Caboose and Cabin Lanes, Pileated, Towering Pines, Highline, Essex Creek, Kendi’s Crossing, Essex Road, Spring Hill Down, Dickey Road

7:45 – GROOMED: Starlight, Caboose and Cabin Lanes, Pileated, Towering Pines, Highline, Essex Creek, Kendi’s Crossing, Essex Road to Kendi’s, Spring Hill

6:30am – Such beautiful sunshine yesterday, will we get more today? It is SUNday after all. The NWS is forecasting partly sunny skis and a high of 24 degrees. It is currently 22 degrees and mostly cloudy. Grooming is in progress.

Why didn’t the sun go to college?

Because it has a million degrees!

How hot is the sun? The temperature of the sun varies considerably between each layer.

FUN FACT: The temperature of the sun varies from approximately 27 million degrees Fahrenheit at the core to approximately 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit at the surface. (according to NASA)

Image credit: Xurzon via Getty Images

Ski Report 3/4/2023


9:00AM: All of Essex Road, Lower Dickey Loop and River Trail successfully groomed!

7:45am: GROOMED: Starlight, Spring Hill, Caboose and Cabin Lanes, Essex Road to Kendi’s, Pileated, Highline, Essex Creek

Plan is to head to Lower Dickey, River Trail and finish Essex Road…..

6:30am – After a few gorgeous day of snow, the skies cleared for a bit last evening. The moon was high in the sky by 6pm. By 7pm, I was able to see my moon shadow and stars twinkling.  Sometime during the night, we got a couple more inches of snow and now the skies are clearing again. We are approaching the full moon. The moon will be full in the early morning hours on Tuesday, March 7, so Monday night will be optimal moon peeping. We have chances of snow in our forecast the next few evenings so if you love a full moon (like I do) you have to appreciate it on any clear or clear-ish night you can, even when it is not quite full. This is our last full moon of the winter season. It is called the Worn Moon, named for beetle larvae emerging from the thawing bark of trees and other winter hideouts. It is also know as the Eagle Moon, Goose Moon, Sugar Moon, Wind Strong Moon and Sore Eyes Moon. (full moon info from almanac.com) Have you ever enjoyed a ski or snowshoe by moonlight? Highly recommended!

It is currently 19 degrees with some clouds in the sky. We are forecast a high of 36 and a partly sunny day with a slight chance of snow. The groomer is out turning some of that pretty powder into corduroy.  Grooming is completed on Starlight, Caboose and Cabin Lanes, Essex Road to Kendis and likely a loop or 2 more but I gotta wait to hear from the dude in the machine for factual information.

Ski Report 3/3/2023

8am Update: GROOMED: Starlight, Cabin and Caboose Lane, Spring Hill, Pileated, Towering Pines, Kendi’s Crossing, Highline, Essex Creek, Essex Road and Upper Dickey Loop.

6:45am – Happy Friday! It is snowing so get out there early if you want to enjoy the beautiful corduroy that is currently being spread all over trails. If fresh corduroy is not your thing, it is looking like we are in a winter weather advisory until 8pm. It could deliver 1-3 inches of fresh powder for your delight as you cruise around the trails. It is currently 25 degrees with a forecasted high of 29 degrees. Potential for some gusting winds. It was beautiful to be in the woods yesterday as the wind blew snow out of the trees….very snowglobe-y.

So far, GROOMED: Starlight, Cabin and Caboose Lane, Spring Hill, Essex Road to Kendi’s…..check back for an update in awhile!

What happened to the cow that was swept up by a tornado?

It was an udder disaster!


Ski Report 3/2/2023

10:30am –

GROOMED with PistenBully: Pileated, Essex Road (Starlight to Dickey) , Starlight, Cabin and Caboose Lanes, and Shortcut/Boy Scout Cross-Over

SNOMOGROOMED: Essex Road (Starlight to Kendi’s), Highline Up, Essex Creek Up

Good Morning!

It is 23* and cloudy, very lightly snowing on the walk to work. We are forecast for a high of 34* with a 90% chance snow. There is potential for 1-3 inches today and 2-4 inches tonight. Keep it coming!!! The groomer will be out shortly. Look for updates later.

Kendi’s Crossing snow stake is showing our settled base right around 58 inches, almost 5 feet of snow! This last storm has really added to our base total. I am heading out now to check the Starlight snow stake. Winter is passing very quickly. Spring Equinox in March 19, just right around the corner. Enjoy the snow while you can!


Ski Report 3/1/2023

Good morning and Happy March!

We had a clear, beautiful sunrise and temps are hovering right at 10*. We’ve probably had a good 6″ of fresh snow since Sunday and the little bit we got snowmobile groomed yesterday will have 3″ or so on it.

Standby by for any grooming updates; currently our front desk/snowmobile-groomer-gal is also filling in for the breakfast server and might not get a chance to hit the trails before the sun does!


Our trusty (somewhat), rusty ol’ Yamaha managed to plow enough snow to get a few trails groomed! Skaters beware: perhaps it was the amount of snow, our snow-mobile groomer’s lack of experience, OR her lack of sun glasses on this bright day….but there is some chunder to watch out for!


  • Pileated (double pass)
  • Essex Road Lower (double pass)
  • Essex Road Upper (single pass)
  • Starlight (double pass)
  • Highline UP (single pass)
  • Essex Creek UP (single pass)


Ski Report 2/28

Good Morning!

It’s a slow and quiet Tuesday here in Essex. Our temps are just under 20* with snow currently falling and more in the forecast! We’ll be taking the snowmobile drag out for a bit this morning….likely a pass or two around Starlight, Cabin and Caboose Lane, Pileated and lower Essex Road. We’ll let the snow fall and hopefully get more groomed tomorrow.

Fresh Gulo gulo (wolverine) tracks were reported at the top of Essex Road in the last couple days. Like clock-work, year after year, our skiers and groomers report a set of wolverine tracks in the same spot on both Dickey Cr Road and Essex Cr Roads; the wolverines just hoping over the ridge in between like it’s a cake-walk!


Wolverine spotted at Whitewater! | Whitewater Ski Resort

*Not the actual tracks; but looked just like them!*

*Stock photo from the internet*

Ski Report 2/26/2023

8:00am – This just in……………..the Corgi’s name is Callie. Her owners shared the below picture with me. I am sure they had to leave the lights out as to not disturb her. While she may have impressive endurance, she does need her rest. Hope she can do it all over again today to add to the smiles. That warm breeze I felt on my way in was the bringer of the warm temps. Our porch thermometer is reading 31 degrees, the highway weather station is reporting 34 degrees. A quick temp climb over the past 1.5 hours. The snow is grooming out great.

GROOMED: Starlight, Caboose and Cabin Lanes, Essex Road, Kendi’s Crossing, Towering Pines, Pileated, Highline, Essex Creek, Spring Hill. Will update if we get more done!

6:30am – Good Morning! The stars and crescent moon were amazing last night and they are now covered with clouds. We are forecast for an 80% chance of snow today, beginning around 11am with 1-3 inches of potential accumulation and a high of 37 degrees. It is currently 23 degrees with a gently warm wind blowing. The groomer is chomping away at the snow to make smooth, sweet corduroy for your enjoyment.

I heard there was a Corgi on the trails yesterday. She really enjoyed the Izaak’s  YES DOG trails. Her owners have been calling her the Norgi. Who knew that a Corgi could keep up with skiers? I certainly didn’t know Corgi’s could be so athletic. Turns out, Corgi’s were originally bread to drive livestock. They are fast, powerful and have impressive endurance. They are extremely loyal, obedient and especially love children.  (according to purina.com) I bet that Corgi put a smile on the face of everyone who saw her. Have a great day and don’t forget to smile!

pembroke corgi running in snow

Image from Shutterstock

Ski Report 2/25/2023

10:00am – GROOMING COMPLETE: Caboose and Cabin Lanes, Starlight, Essex Rd, Pileated, Highline Up, Essex Creek Down, Spring Hill Down, Lower Dickey Loop and Dickey Road

7:30 Update: Everything is coming out fantastic. Conditions are favorable for grooming today. Our temps are up to 15 degrees, the skies are starting to clear and currently is remains calm.

GROOMED: Caboose and Cabin Lanes, Starlight, Essex Rd to Kendi’s, Pileated, Highline Up, Essex Creek Down……..the groomer is moving on to Spring Hill Down, Lower Dickey Loop and Dickey Road, will update when complete

6:30am – We are currently out of the deep freeze. Gooooood Morning! It is 9 degrees. Balmy. If you are wondering, Delyankir (mentioned in yesterday’s report) has gotten even colder. In Delyankir, it is currently -67. I am feeling pretty good about our 9 degrees. Currently, it is partly cloudy but we are forecast for mostly sunny skies and a high of 23. If the winds start up, we could feel a chill as low as -6. Fingers crossed we get sun and no wind, sure would feel good!

The groomer is laying down some nice corduroy for all of you lovers of the grooves. The focus will be on what didn’t get attention yesterday. Check back later for an update.

FUN FACTS: According to onlyinyourstate.com, the largest snowflake ever recorded landed in Montana. It measured 15 inches across. Montana has the largest population of grizzly bear in the lower 48.

Ski Report 2/24/2023

9:30 Update: Grooming is going well! Turning out real nice! It has warmed up to -12 degrees. We are hoping for the sun.

GROOMED: Starlight, Caboose and Cabin Lanes, Spring Hill, Essex Road to Kendi’s, Towering Pines Down (there is a large tree down on the UpSide of loop, we will remove when temps improve), Pileated Down, Highline Down, Essex Creek Up

Planning to do Upper Dickey, River Trail, River Loop and finish Essex Road


Good Morning. Grooming will happen today. The plan is to start a little later than usual due to the extremely cold temps. It is 6am, the thermometer is reading -15 degrees. Not the coldest we have had this winter but very cold nonetheless.  The sun has a good chance of shining on us this afternoon and we are forecast for a high of 10. There is still the pesky wind chill to consider, possible wind chill value of -24. Good layers, face coverings and getting inside to warm up regularly will be very important today.

FUN FACTS: At McMurdo Station in Antarctica it is currently 10 degrees above zero. However, it is -52 at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.  The coldest place in the world right now is Delyankir, Russia. It is currently -56.2. Just a tad colder than the South Pole. If all of this cold weather talk is getting you down, you could travel to Voolsdrif, South Africa. It is a balmy 113 degrees at the moment.