Ski Report 12/25/2022

10:00AM UPDATE: It is turning into a gorgeous day. The skies are partly cloudy and the temperature is awesome for being outside. Not so awesome for grooming. We are currently unable to groom. The trails that were groomed yesterday got a few inches of snow on them and then freezing rain which has created a surface crust.  We have hopes that as the temperatures warm the surface crust will soften. If this happens, we will try again with the snowmobile. We are hoping to have our big groomer up and running in the next few days.

6AM: Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Hope Santa was good to you all.

Wow, what a change in temperature! We are having a heat wave. We got as much groomed as we could yesterday but had to cut it short due to a mechanical issue. There was rain throughout the night and there is currently a frozen surface crust. It is 34 degrees.  The forecast is for a high of 37 with a 60% chance of snow, freezing rain and/or rain throughout the day. We are going to try to groom the 14km we got to yesterday with the snowmobile. With these warm temps, it could be challenging.  We will update as our day progresses.

Groomed 12/24/22:  Essex Road, Starlight, Towering Pines, Pileated, Spring Hill