Ski Report 2/26/2023

8:00am – This just in……………..the Corgi’s name is Callie. Her owners shared the below picture with me. I am sure they had to leave the lights out as to not disturb her. While she may have impressive endurance, she does need her rest. Hope she can do it all over again today to add to the smiles. That warm breeze I felt on my way in was the bringer of the warm temps. Our porch thermometer is reading 31 degrees, the highway weather station is reporting 34 degrees. A quick temp climb over the past 1.5 hours. The snow is grooming out great.

GROOMED: Starlight, Caboose and Cabin Lanes, Essex Road, Kendi’s Crossing, Towering Pines, Pileated, Highline, Essex Creek, Spring Hill. Will update if we get more done!

6:30am – Good Morning! The stars and crescent moon were amazing last night and they are now covered with clouds. We are forecast for an 80% chance of snow today, beginning around 11am with 1-3 inches of potential accumulation and a high of 37 degrees. It is currently 23 degrees with a gently warm wind blowing. The groomer is chomping away at the snow to make smooth, sweet corduroy for your enjoyment.

I heard there was a Corgi on the trails yesterday. She really enjoyed the Izaak’s  YES DOG trails. Her owners have been calling her the Norgi. Who knew that a Corgi could keep up with skiers? I certainly didn’t know Corgi’s could be so athletic. Turns out, Corgi’s were originally bread to drive livestock. They are fast, powerful and have impressive endurance. They are extremely loyal, obedient and especially love children.  (according to purina.com) I bet that Corgi put a smile on the face of everyone who saw her. Have a great day and don’t forget to smile!

pembroke corgi running in snow

Image from Shutterstock