Ski Report 2/28

Good Morning!

It’s a slow and quiet Tuesday here in Essex. Our temps are just under 20* with snow currently falling and more in the forecast! We’ll be taking the snowmobile drag out for a bit this morning….likely a pass or two around Starlight, Cabin and Caboose Lane, Pileated and lower Essex Road. We’ll let the snow fall and hopefully get more groomed tomorrow.

Fresh¬†Gulo gulo (wolverine) tracks were reported at the top of Essex Road in the last couple days. Like clock-work, year after year, our skiers and groomers report a set of wolverine tracks in the same spot on both Dickey Cr Road and Essex Cr Roads; the wolverines just hoping over the ridge in between like it’s a cake-walk!


Wolverine spotted at Whitewater! | Whitewater Ski Resort

*Not the actual tracks; but looked just like them!*

*Stock photo from the internet*