Ski Report 2/4/2023

7:30am GROOMED: Starlight, Cabin and Caboose Lanes, Spring Hill Down, Upper Dickey Loop, Dickey Road from end of Dickey Loop to Essex Road, Essex Road from Starlight to Dickey

The Groomer is reporting inconsistent results due to the conditions and temperatures. We have decided to leave the rest of the trails alone for today.

No chance of seeing the Snow Moon this morning. It is 6am and currently, there is graupel falling from the sky. Graupel is also known as soft hail, hominy snow, snow pellets or informally as falling Dipping Dots. Hail is hard ice pellets while graupel is ice pellets that are squishy or soft to the touch.

It is currently 34 degrees. We are forecast a high of 38 degrees and 60% chance of precipitation. Grooming is in progress. The groomer is trying to decide if the temps/conditions will allow him to continue. It’s a fine line between making it better and making a mess. The trails were in prime condition yesterday and a little bit of graupel isn’t going to ruin their smooth awesomeness but we do love to create beautiful corduroy. Go play with some graupel while you wait to find out more info…….I did!