Ski Report 3/16/2023

9:30 Update: Shaping up into a gorgeous day! The skies are clearing, lotsa blue out there! New forecast…high of 38* and mostly sunny skies.


  • Starlight
  • Caboose and Cabin Lanes
  • Essex Rd
  • Towering Pines
  • Pileated
  • Spring Hill Down
  • Upper Dickey Loop
  • Lower Dickey Loop

Happy National Panda Day. I wonder how a Panda Bear would like Montana and if they would be friends with the Bears we have here. Our bears are still hibernating, no sightings heard of yet in Essex or the surrounding areas. They usually begin to be spotted in late March to early April. The Giant Panda is the most well known of the two types of Pandas. Panda bears do not hibernate. They have the digestive system of a carnivore but have adapted to a vegetarian diet, mostly bamboo. They eat for 12-14 hours a day because their digestive system isn’t made to break down plant matter and they have to eat huge amounts to get what they need. There are many more interesting things to learn at wwf.panda.org. All this Panda talk makes me want an Oreo.

Just a few more weeks of the season! Get out here to enjoy it while you can! We have a 45 inch settled base so it should last us til the end of our grooming season. It is currently 22* and cloudy. We are forecast a high of 33* and partly sunny skies. I will report back later with the grooming update.