Snow Report January 6th 2021

Good morning! No new snow today in Essex, fairly warm weather during the day and freezing temps overnight. Current temp in Essex is 29 degrees F. We're expecting a wintery mix of rain and snow today. Hoping for a good snow again soon! See you on the trails.

Snow report for Sunday , Jan. 3

Yuk ! We have a trace of gropple on a 13 inch base. It is rain/snow mix and 35 degrees @ 6 ;30 am. There will be no grooming today due to soft conditions.  10 am update - still a rain/snow mix and 36 degrees. Ski conditions remain very soft ...

Snow report for Jan. 2

Good morning! We have a trace of new snow on a 15 inch base. It is 34 degrees and cloudy @ 6:30 am. We have Essex Creek Complex groomed as of yesterday as well as Dickey road. No grooming today due to warm temps. 8 am update is 34 degrees ...

Snow report for Friday , Jan. 1

Happy new year !!! We have a trace of new snow on a 16 inch base. It is 32 degrees with freezing rain @ 6 am. We have groomed Essex road , Pileated , and Towering Pines.

Snow report for Dec. 31

Good morning! We have 3 new inches on a 12 inch base. It is 28 degrees and snowing @ 7 am. We are grooming all of Essex road , Pileated , Towering Pines , Essex Creek Trail , Highline and Starlite this morning.  We got 2 more inches this morning ...

Dec. 28 snow report

We have 0 new snow on a 13 inch packed powder base. It is 13 degrees clear and calm @ 6 am. We will be grooming Towering Pines , Pileated , Upper Essex road , Junction Circle and Starlite this morning. We are working on Highline and Essex Creek trail ...

Snow report Dec. 27

Good morning. We got snow yesterday during and after the morning grooming ; 4 new inches on a 12 inch base. We are grooming Pileated , Towering Pines , Starlite and Essex road this morning. It is 28 degrees , clear and calm @ 6:30 am

Dec. 26 snow report

Update to weather - We have 2 inches with heavy snowfall @ 7:30 am

Dec. 26 snow report

We have 1 new inch on a 10 inch base. It is 22 degrees and snowing @ 6 am. We are opening up Pileated Loop today and Towering Pines Loop tomorrow. Essex road is also groomed. Dickey road has been excellent fat tire biking as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec. 25 snow report

Merry Christmas !!!!! We have clear skies and cold temps. It is 6 degrees and calm @ 6 am. Dickey road and Essex road are being groomed as I type. River trail is closed due to lack of snow, we need one more storm.  Back country conditions remain good and ...

Snow Report for Thursday, December 24, 2020

Good morning! Happy Holidays to all!! We have a trace on new snow on a 10" base. It is 13 degrees with bluebird skies and a calm breeze. We are skiing on 12K of freshly groomed trails! #happyholidays #prayforsnow #bluebirddays

Snow Report for Sunday, December 20th 2020

Good morning! We have 2 new inches of snow on the ground in Essex this morning, on an 8 inch base. It is 33 degrees with a mix of rain and snow. Current conditions are best for snowshoe enthusiasts and experienced skiers who aren't afraid to get a little wet. ...