Ski Report 3/25/2023

6:30 am – It continues to be favorable temps to groom in the evening. The trails are happily waiting for a visit from you! It is currently 30 degrees on the back porch. Our snow stake is reading 37 inches in the Cabin/Caboose area. The trails still have excellent coverage. My ski after work yesterday was fabulous. At 4:30, the trails were soft yet fast, very fast.


  • Starlight
  • Caboose and Cabin Lanes
  • Essex Road
  • Spring Hill Down
  • Lower Dickey Loop
  • Dickey Rd from Lower Loop to Essex Rd
  • River Trail
  • River Loop
  • Kendi’s Crossing
  • Highline Down
  • Essex Creek Down
  • Pileated

Fun Fact: The fastest speed recorded by a male on skis is 158.4 mph and a female is 153.5 in the sport of speed skiing. This is where participants dress in aerodynamic apparel and ski straight down the course without turning. I could not find any information on the fastest speed recorded by a person on Classic or Skate ski gear. In general however, top xc ski racers hit speeds of 20-25 mph on flats and 35-40 mph on downhills. Top skate skiers are generally faster by 10%.