Ski Report 1/15/2023

9:30am – The trails are super fun right now. Perfect for a skate or classic. They are firm but not frozen and will definitely soften as our temps rise. We are still at 33 degrees. The skies are clearing, it is turning into a beautiful day!!! Grooming is almost complete, should be done around 10:30am.

GROOMED: Starlight, Caboose and Cabin Lanes, Spring Hill, All of Essex Rd, Towering Pines, Highline, Essex Creek, Pileated, Junction Circle, Upper Dickey side of Loop (Lower was groomed yesterday), River Trail, River Loop

7:15am – Sounds like we got surface freezing last night. The grooming is coming out mostly good but variable in some locations. If you are going to skate ski, do it early before the predicted temps warm up the surface. Due to the surface freeze, we are unable to set track in most places.

GROOMED: Starlight, Caboose and Cabin Lanes, Spring Hill, Essex Rd to Kendis, Towering Pines, Highline, Essex Creek, Pileated, Junction Circle

Groomer will be heading on Dickey Loop to the River Trail and then return on Essex Rd from the Dickey Rd intersection.

6:30am – GOOOOOOOD MOOOOORRRRNING!!!! Despite this warm, wet weather we are experiencing, guests reported nothing but GOOD conditions yesterday for skiing. So many big smiles on the faces of all the folks coming in from the trails! Things started out slightly firm and softened as the day went on. It is looking like we will have similar conditions today.

The current temperature is 33 degrees and it was lightly snowing as I made my way to the Inn. The forecast is for a high of 40 and a 30% chance of precipitation throughout the day. Still waiting for the grooming plan but will update once the groomer is in communication range. The groomer has been out since 5:30 so we should hear something soon!

Fun Fact:
Snow Isn’t Actually White

Snow is actually clear. Snowflakes are made out of ice crystals, which are clear, so when light passes through, it bends and bounces off each individual crystal. On average, snowflakes are made up of about 200 individual crystals. The entire spectrum of light is reflected back to our eyes, therefore we see snow as white. Pretty cool stuff that I have never thought about before.