Ski Report 1/22/2023

6:45am – GROOMED: Starlight, Pileated to Boy Scout Crossover and Shortcut, Lower Essex Creek and then the groomer sprung a leak….not the person, the machine. The Groomer (the person) is assessing the groomer (the machine) currently. The snow surface is too firm at the time for snowmobile grooming. If we get some fresh snow, we will groom with the snomo. FORTUNATELY, all trails have been groomed in the last 48 hours! They are still in quite good shape, just missing that nice layer of fresh corduroy. I will update if we are able to get Gloria (the machine) back in action today.

What did one ocean say to the other ocean?

Nothing, it just waved!

6:00am – Good Morning fellow ski enthusiasts! It is currently 25 degrees and the groomer has been cruising along making the most of the dusting of snow that has fallen this morning. It is currently lightly snowing, we have a 32 inch settled base. There is a 70% chance the snow will continue for a little bit of accumulation. The trails were fabulous yesterday. Fast and smooth and full of smiling folks! It is looking like we will have similar conditions today.